Platforms: PC, Mac, Android
Softwares used: Unity, GIMP, Audacity
Langage used: C#

Impasse is a short 2D narrative-heavy game about introspection.
A dream keeps coming back, where the character is presented before 3 doors. The player can choose in which order the character will explore them, and discover what they mean to him.
Each possibility leads to a different story, each one making the character's situation and psychology clearer, or adding to the mysteries...



I wanted to make Impasse a simple game, entirely focused on narration. The "game" part is mainly the choice of path. Some other interactions are present, but their primary role is to change the pace of the narrative.
The core concept is the following:

  • 3 doors, each one with a theme (namely, without going too much into details: Monster, Past and Mask)
  • A character whose development depends on the order in which the doors are taken
  • 6 stories in total, as a run consists of a unique visit of each of the 3 doors


You'll find below a list of my main developments for this game:

  • General:
    • Camera adaptation to different screen sizes
  • Text:
    • Text database in the form of a class with its content imported from an external file. A dictionnary is created and used to get the contents
      • Text typer (letter-by-letter) with management of various effects and simultaneous actions
  • Game:
  • Management of the animations, movements and sprites of the character
    • Interaction system with 2D elements, designed differently for Standalone/Android due to the platforms specifics
    • Sequencing of the actions with coroutines
    • System to chain the story possibilities and allow easy modifications, inspired by the State design pattern


This is a first attempt at pixel-art. The result is... simple, but I really enjoyed the process and would happily do it again.
GIMP was the tool of choice.

Music & Audio

First of all, thanks to N. Metzger for the music !
The music is not a single piece looping, instead 4 loops of music are present in the game. The piano loop is present from the beginning, and the others are added at given moments of the progression. This is done in order to convey a feeling of escalation, closely linked to the game. Each additional loop disappears when a run finishes, starting other this cycle.
Most of the audio sounds were edited and/or recorded with Audacity.

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