A little more than a menu


Platforms: PC, Mac
Softwares used: Unity, Audacity
Langage used: C#

This project is a complete main & in-game menu, allowing the player to change many settings of the game including the controls, graphics, audio and language. Additionally, it also includes a short prototype of the beginning of a walking simulator.

Side note: to fit the narrative of the prototype, the "Quit" options does not actually quit the game until a few tries.



My first goal with this project was to train with Unity, mainly for a menu usable with Mouse & Keyboard, but also Gamepads/Controllers.
The idea for the narrative came after, and a full scenario is written and ready.


You'll find below a list of my main developments for this game:

  • General:
    • Use of a persistent manager scene: multi-scene editing in Unity, in-game management of additive scenes and asynchronous loading for a seemless experience
      • Cg/HLSL shader for a "closing eyes" effect
      • Localisation system
  • Menu:
    • Navigation with Mouse, Keyboard and Gamepads/Controllers
    • Interactions using the Observer design pattern with C# events and Unity events
      • Management of video, audio, controls and key/buttons remapping, and language settings with the Unity API
      • Custom buttons inheriting from Unity default ones
  • Game:
  • Interaction system with 3D objects, using Property Blocks to change materials properties efficiently and highlight interactables
    • Use of triggers
    • Use of Unity Animation system
    • Customized First Person Controller script

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