Gameplay programmer & Tech artist

I’m a former aerospace engineer now working in the videogame industry.
I studied at the ENJMIN and went to work at Ubisoft.

I specialize in Gameplay programming and Tech Art (Shaders, Houdini...).
You will find here a selection of projects!

Beyond Good And Evil 2
Online multiplayer action/adventure

  • Gameplay and systems programming (C++)
  • Tool support (C#)
  • Debug, optimization

Cobble & Trouble
FPS/Defense - Unreal Engine 4 (4 Months)

  • Powers, AI, gameplay systems, game feel
  • Combinatory golems assembly
  • Shaders
  • Art, animations and audio integration
  • Online prototype using the Gameplay Ability System
- BIC Festival Excellence in Audio (Award)

Adventure/Puzzle - Unity (3 months)

  • Controller, interactions, systems, game feel
  • Menus and settings
  • Shaders
  • Art, animations and audio integration
- BIC Festival Excellence in Art (Award)
- BIC Festival Rising Star (Nomination)
- Pégases Best Student Game (Nomination)

SHMUP - Unity (6 weeks)

  • Controller, mechanics, enemies, game feel
  • All mechanics (bounce, power-ups)
  • VFX with Shuriken
  • Art, animations and audio integration
Featured on itch.io and played by Markiplier.

Minecraft world & shaders
Custom C++ engine

  • World created using noises and layers
  • Numerous shaders in GLSL
  • Rendering using chunks
  • Avatar with 4 control types
  • Mining

Work in progress
Tactical Roguelite - Unity

  • Modular and easily debuggable architecture
  • Designer-friendly combinatory ability system
  • Visual novel system with branching paths

Houdini experiments

Some experiments to explore procedural generation and VFX using Houdini.

Walking Sim - Unity

  • Floating simulation
  • Water shaders in HLSL

The girl with lights in her eyes
Horror - Unreal Engine 4

  • Procedurally generated mazes, AI
  • Interactions (Eyes mechanic, death...)
  • Shaders