I’m a game programming student and former aerospace engineer. After 3 years in the space industry, I decided to turn to what I enjoy most: creating videogames and interactive experiences. I'm currently studying at the ENJMIN, one of the top videogame schools in France

Game development has been a long-term hobby of mine, involving readings, trainings and experiments in my free time. You will find here a selection of projects.

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Student projects

Witch's Quarrel
Unreal and C++ (WIP) - FPS/Defense

Work in progress, current status:

  • Power system (bouncing ball, magnet...)
  • Enemies AI
  • Physics interactions
  • Art, animations and audio (WWise) integration

Unity and C# (2.5 Months) - Adventure/Puzzle

Main work:

  • Character controller
  • Interaction systems (rescaling)
  • Collectible system (called Memories)
  • Menus and settings
  • Shaders: selection rimlight, customized triplanar, clouds, water, post-process
  • Art, animations and audio (WWise) integration
Aurore received the BIC Festival Award for Excellence in Art and was also nominated for the Rising Star Award.

Unity and C# (6 weeks) - SHMUP

Main work:

  • Controller and the projectile reflection mechanic
  • Enemies behaviour
  • Power-up system
  • Particle effects using Shuriken
  • Game feel (screenshake, slowdowns...)
  • Art, animations and audio (WWise) integration
Featured on itch.io and played by Markiplier.

Procedural 2D/3D caves
Unity and C# (1 day)

Main work:

  • Cellular automata base
  • 2D caves with Marching Squares
  • 3D caves with Marching Cubes

Minecraft world & shaders
C++ based on a custom engine

Main work:

  • World created using noises and layers
  • Rendering using chunks
  • Avatar with 4 control types
  • Mining
  • Numerous shaders in HLSL

Stick of the tiger
C++ (1 week) - Platformer

Main work:

  • Game logic (menu, game, end)
  • Rendering using the console buffer
  • Controller using states
  • Level editor and interpreter
  • Collision system

Personal projects

RPG FPS Mechanics
Unreal Engine 4 and C++ (WIP)

New and existing RPG FPS mechanics and powers recreated in Unreal, mostly in C++ for training.
Work in progress, status:

  • Dishonored Blink

Houdini experiments
Houdini (SideFX)

Collection of procedurally generated geometries and animations & of VFX using various methods. The video was used as a support for a report.

Unity and C# (30 hours) - FPX

Main work:

  • Floating simulation
  • Water shaders in GL/HLSL

The girl with lights in her eyes
Unreal Engine and C++ - Horror

Main work:

  • Procedurally generated mazes in C++
  • Interactions (Eyes mechanic, death...)
  • AI using Blueprints and C++
  • Post-process effects
  • Blueprint materials


Unity and C# - Visual Novel

Main work:

  • Multiple paths and choices managed by a State Design Pattern inspired method
  • Mobile support: responsive UI, camera and adapted controls
  • Interpreter to create text, effects and animations based on a XML file