I’m a developer and space engineer, passionate about video games and interactive experiences. After 3 years in the space industry, I decided to follow this passion, and I am now a game programmer student at ENJMIN.

Since several years, I have also explored game development through readings, trainings and projects in my free time. You will find here a selection of my projects. Feel free to get in touch !

Contact: You can email me at sviolier.contact {at} gmail.com or reach me through LinkedIn.

Personal projects


Unity and C# (30 hours).
Short narrative game revolving around a water simulation I developed.

The girl with lights in her eyes

Unreal Engine and C++.
A game I made to explore the Unreal Engine, using mostly C++ with some Blueprint functionalities. Find your way through procedurally generated mazes. Your eyes will be your only help, and the source of all your problems.


Unity and C#.
Impasse is a short 2D narrative-heavy game about introspection and identity. A dream keeps coming back, always with 3 doors.

Student projects


Unity and C# (6 weeks).
Belly is an organic and dark Shoot'em Up experience. Face waves of disturbing monsters and survive as long as you can. Featured on itch.io and played by Markiplier.

C.A.L.O.R.I.E.S. 9000

Unity and C# (48 hours).
2 players game where you cook burgers and compete to reach first 9000 calories.

Stick of the tiger

C++ (1 week).
Platform and rythm game in the Windows Console.


Doom Builder.
Narrative Doom level about beliefs in videogames, featuring 3 endings and lots of variations. The WAD is available here.